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Whiplash Treatment in Franklin, TN

If you have been in an auto accident or have a sports injury you may have neck pain that can develop into whiplash. The best solution for all-natural pain relief and whiplash treatment in Franklin, TN is a visit to Schroder Chiropractic. Dr. Steve Schroder can help you resolve your neck pain and whiplash using comprehensive chiropractic care. Discover the benefits of going to see your chiropractor for whiplash.

Chiropractic Adjustment for Whiplash at Your Franklin, TN Chiropractor 

When you have whiplash this is caused by a sudden movement with your head. The most frequent cause of whiplash is an auto accident. However, you could develop whiplash from playing sports, a work-related injury, or a slip and fall accident. Additionally, if you have weak neck and back muscles this can cause you to be more likely to suffer from whiplash. The treatment for whiplash at your Franklin, TN chiropractor begins with a chiropractic adjustment. 

By realigning the vertebra in your spine from your lower back up to your head, Dr. Schroder can address any slipped discs or herniated discs associated with neck pain. Often times when you have a herniated disc or out of place disc, this puts added pressure on nearby nerves. This causes inflammation and swelling in that area, which leads to neck pain. By addressing the source of your neck pain through a chiropractic adjustment, your chiropractic doctor can best help you heal from whiplash. 

Neck Pain and Mobility Issues

Whiplash leads to severe neck pain and mobility issues since you are unable to move your head in a normal motion. The reason that we develop whiplash is that the muscles in the neck, head, and shoulders become tight and tense. When these muscle seize up you are unable to move correctly, which leads to additional muscle tension in your shoulders and upper back.

Dr. Schroder can treat your neck pain and mobility issues using chiropractic care. One way he can help is through medical massage. Using massage therapy Dr. Schroder can release the tension in the affected muscles. After your muscles are relaxed you will begin to experience relief from neck pain caused by whiplash. 

All-Natural Relief for Whiplash

One of the greatest benefits of going to a chiropractor for whiplash is that you receive all-natural care for your pain. You won’t need to take painkillers to mask the pain, and neck or back surgery will be unnecessary. For individuals who want comprehensive care without the use of drugs or surgery chiropractic care is the optimal solution. 

Treating Whiplash at Franklin, TN Chiropractic Provider 

As your leading Franklin, TN chiropractic provider, Dr. Schroder can help you recover from neck pain and whiplash. If you have been in an auto accident or you suffered a personal injury let us help you recover your full mobility with chiropractic care. Contact our office at (610) 761-7913 to schedule your appointment today.