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Treating Personal Injuries in Franklin TN

At Schroder Chiropractic we care for patients who have suffered from personal injuries. A personal injury could be work-related, a slip and fall case, a car accident, or a sports injury. Our goal is to identify the cause of your injury and begin treating it immediately with chiropractic care techniques. Best of all, chiropractic care for chronic pain doesn’t depend on pain killing drugs or surgeries. 

Types of Personal Injuries

A personal injury is anything that involves you personally. This could be an accident riding a bike, a slip and fall incident at work, or an irritated muscle caused from repetitive use. Treating personal injuries using chiropractic care allows you to be healed more quickly. This is thanks to the increased circulation of the spine during a chiropractic adjustment. If you have back pain caused by a pinched nerve, strained muscle, or herniated disc, you can receive ideal treatment by your chiropractor. After you receive a chiropractic adjustment, you will be better capable of pain management. 

Chiropractic Care for Pain Management 

The first step of chiropractic care for treating pain is a chiropractic adjustment. During an adjustment of the spinal column your chiropractor is adjusting your spine and surrounding tissue. The spine is stretched out, allowing oxygen and blood to better circulate throughout. This increases the health of the spine and nerves in your musculoskeletal system. In addition to helping your back heal from your personal injury, this provides natural pain management without drugs or surgery. 

All-Natural Treatment for Back Pain 

If you want to steer clear of pain killing drugs to handle personal injury pain, then chiropractic care is a viable alternative. Using chiropractic methods, you can improve the healing capacity of your body. You are also able to relieve pain through endorphins throughout your body during an adjustment. We also provide massage therapy for treating personal injuries. This is an optimal way to release tension and improve healing in the muscles of the back and neck. 

Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling

Here at Schroder Chiropractic, your chiropractor in Franklin TN believes in a holistic approach to care. Therefore, we offer lifestyle and nutritional counseling to help you in your journey towards improvement. For example, if you are struggling with poor posture and ergonomic issues that are causing personal injuries at work, we can help you with corrective exercises. Talk to your chiropractor in Franklin to see how you can best use chiropractic techniques to resolve your personal injury pain. 

Personal Injury Treatment in Franklin TN

As you search for the best personal injury treatment in Franklin TN know that we are here for you. At Schroder Chiropractic we provide comprehensive chiropractic care for personal injuries ranging from sports injuries to ergonomics issues. Contact our office at (610) 761-7913 to schedule an appointment for a Franklin TN chiropractor.