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Posted on 12-28-2016

What to Expect After a Car Accident 

Franklin TN chiropractor car accident treatment

If you have been involved in a car accident you want to see your Franklin, TN chiropractic provider at Schroder Chiropractic. Dr. Jay Schroder can help you alleviate neck pain and back pain, while also treating you for whiplash. You can benefit from the comprehensive services of your chiropractic doctor that also includes massage therapy and corrective exercises. 

How can a Chiropractor in Franklin, TN Treat My Whiplash?

When you go to a chiropractor in Franklin, TN for whiplash you benefit from all-natural medical care that identifies the source of your pain. Whiplash is caused by overly tight neck muscles, which are often the result of an out of aligned musculoskeletal system. This condition is common for auto accident victims due to the severe and sudden movement from the car crash. 

What can I Expect from a Chiropractic Adjustment for Whiplash?

By getting a chiropractic adjustment for whiplash in Franklin TN you are able to realign your spine. This also allows Dr. Schroder to look for slipped discs or herniated discs in your neck, head, or upper back. These discs may be pressing against nerves in this area causing your muscles to seize up. By solving your disc issue you can begin to feel relief from whiplash.

What if I Can’t Move My Neck After a Car Accident?

This is most commonly caused by overly tense neck muscles. A visit to Schroder Chiropractic will help you out thanks to massage therapy services. Dr. Schroder will be able to relieve the tension in your neck, which can help you to improve your mobility. Furthermore, if you are unable to move your neck, this could be a symptom of whiplash. By going to see Dr. Schroder, you can get a medical diagnosis for your whiplash along with quality care.

Meet Your Franklin, TN Chiropractor 

Dr. Schroder is your Franklin, TN chiropractor providing service to Franklin and the surrounding communities. When you are in a car accident and suffer from an auto injury you want to get the best care immediately. To schedule a visit, contact Schroder Chiropractic by calling 615-791-9917.

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